Villa del Sol d’Oro

In 1924, eminent Los Angeles physician Dr. Walter Jarvis Barlow and his wife Marion Brooks Barlow, built their dream house. It was later on known as the Villa del Sol d’Oro! In fact, this venue was designed by the renowned architect, Wallace Neff. The Villa is a two-thirds scale replica of the villa Collazzi near Florence. Which many people believed was designed by Michelangelo.

One of the most iconic features that set this building apart from others is its sophistication. Also, it has an inviting design with its unique black and white checkered floor inlay. As well as curving staircase made of iron banister ropes combined to give it an elegant look. When the Barlow family called this villa their home, they hosted lavish parties. And of course, entertained guests from all around. The expansive property gave them a secluded environment to enjoy themselves in peace. As well as friends and relatives visiting for special occasions here. Such as weddings or holiday celebrations.

Now, the Villa del Sol d’Oro is an important part of Alverno life. You can often find photography or creative writing classes taking photos and creating stories about the Barlow family’s parties on its terrace. On one hand, the historic villa is a place where special events are held. It has an open lawn with raised patio, library bar and large halls fit for dancing! All which are excellently maintained by the manor’s staff members who have decades of experience in their respective fields to offer you guidance when booking this venue as well!

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