Wine Cask Restaurant

Staggering in both its luxurious location and unparalleled dishes, Wine Cask has established itself as an eclectic hotspot for foodies. In here, the best ingredients are carefully curated to offer an experience that is truly unforgettable! Founded in 1985, Wine Cask has been a premier destination for delectable dining and unique wines. The perfect pairing with their own culinary profiles comes alive through fine wine selection from around the world!

This is a place where you can taste the fresh flavors of season! And still be connected with what makes up every dish. Whether it’s their signature cocktails or all-new menu. Wine Cask will make your mouth water for more! What’s not to love about Wine Cask? They have a fantastic culinary team that invites you into the dining experience with great food and an all around elevated way of looking at what flavors are out there.

The iconic, nationally known Wine Cask Restaurant is a Santa Barbara gem. It offers the best of both world! With its casual atmosphere and upscale cuisine that can transform into anything your heart desires! With room for anything from a simple dinner party to the most lavish of events, they have an area that is perfect no matter the theme or type of celebration you have. Every moment at Wine Cask is a celebration of life, love and wine!

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