World Peace Rose Garden

The World Peace Rose Garden in Capitol Park is a sanctuary of peace, love and inspiration for all people. Dedicated to women, children, and families across the globe! Vividly, this garden welcomes visitors from every nation. As a matter of fact, Rose is the official flower of the United States and serves as silent ambassadors and symbols of unity. Throughout the space, there are roses that allude to peace through their names. Well, what better place to declare your love than be surrounded by roses!

This Victorian style garden is themed with over 650 roses of more than 153 varieties, colors, and fragrances. Visitors can stroll the numerous pathways or relax on the benches that line them. Also, there’s the elegant Peace Pavilion located amidst a seating wall, and is perfect for any events. While the southeast section of this garden serves as a test bed, where visitors can see new rose varieties before they’re available to everyone else. Such a perfect place for yet another awesomely romantic photo sessions. Better yet, pop the question here! Go down on one knee and patiently wait for that momentous “Yes!”

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