20+ Stunning Beach Photoshoot Examples and Tips

Beaches are some of the most photographed scenes in the world. When you consider all the sparkles that the sun adds to the water, along with the serenity of the water hitting the land, it’s easy to understand why so many couples choose a beach photoshoot for their wedding, elopement, or engagement photos.

While stunning backdrops, stunningly blue seas, and blissful turquoise waters can make any picture look beautiful, when it’s part of a meaningful celebration like a wedding ceremony or a special love story, it takes things to another level. Get inspired by these beach photoshoots from our group of the best wedding photographers.

Sunset or Golden Hour Beach Photoshoots

Sunset is often called the golden hour for a reason! Beach photoshoots at this time of day provides stunning opportunities, offering breathtaking scenery that can’t be found anywhere else. Light radiates through the sky and clouds with hues of oranges, reds, pinks, and purples in a unique way that gives photos a captivating and romantic atmosphere.

With unique lighting angles and natural backdrops provided by the shoreline, photographers can capture captivating photos that serve as lasting memories.

 angela@angelanelsonphoto.com Photo by Angie Nelson (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Andaz Wailea in Wailea, Maui, Hawaii USA

 hello@letsmakeamemory.com Photo by Lets Make a Memory (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Laguna Beach in Laguna Beach, CA

 hello@irinaduanephotography.com Photo by Irina Duane (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Bunmahon Beach, located on the south east coast of Ireland in Bunmahon in County Waterford. Ireland

 marlies@mhartphoto.com Photo by Marlies Hartmann (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Malibu, CA in Malibu CA


Photo by Belinda Philleo (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Victoria Beach in California USA


Photo by Finn and The Fox (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Tunnels Beaches in Devon United Kingdom

Beach Photoshoots in the Water

Beach photoshoots with the subject in the water can create dynamic, exciting images that are hard to replicate. Immersing oneself in the environment adds a level of realism to beach photos and adds to the viewer’s sense of being there.

Not only do they provide a dynamic look and a sense of motion, but they also capture the beauty of the natural element of the ocean. The ebb and flow of the tide, foam rolling up along the shore, and sun shining through the surface of the ocean all add texture that can make images captivating. Standing waist-deep in you can bring a sense of intimacy with the environment while still creating those awe-inspiring pictures we look for when walking along our favorite beaches.
 benny@bycphotography.com Photo by BYC Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Dana Point Harbor in Dana Point, CA USA
 info@potoksworldphotos.com Photo by Potok’s World Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profil) at Elliot;s Beach in Chennai India
 info@thientongphotography.com Photo by Thien Tong (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Hom Gam Ghi in Phu Quoc Vietnam
 partyoftwophoto@gmail.com Photo by Party of Two (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Jetton Park in Charlotte, NC United States
 zack@zackbradleyphotography.com Photo by Zack Bradley (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Folly Beach in Charleston, South Carolina USA

Beach Photoshoots with Reflections

Beach photoshoots that feature reflections on the water can create stunning images, as they showcase a lovely connection between land and sky. Vibrant colors off of the waters, creating an atmosphere of serenity and peace. By shooting at the right time and angle, photographers can create one-of-a-kind reflections on the water that creates even more interest and allows viewers to explore unexpected details in an image.
 contact@lessiebluephotography.com Photo by Lessie Blue Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Cannon Beach in Cannon Beach, Oregon USA
 mauricio.urena@photobymaug.com Photo by Mauricio Urena (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Ocotal Beach in Guanacaste Costa Rica

Cliff Side Beach Photoshoots

Photoshoots with an ocean view or on a cliff side lend an air of beauty and serenity to the shoot. With breathtaking vistas stretching as far out as the eye can see, they capture a sense of scale and natural beauty that a regular studio backdrop simply cannot replicate. The endless blue of the ocean horizon conveys tranquility, while the rocky cliffs provide a grandiose feeling not easily found in everyday life.

 courtland@courtlandphotography.com Photo by Courtland Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Blind Beach in Jenner, CA USA
 hello@aspenandelm.com Photo by Aspen and Elm (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Big Sur in Monterery County, CA United States


Photo by Michelle Arlotta (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Sunset Cliffs in San Diego, California United States

Candid Beach Photoshoots with Movement

Candid beach photoshoots serve as a great way to capture special moments and create memories that will last a lifetime. Unlike traditional posed photos that can feel stiff and contrived, candid beach shoot photos are more natural, making them truly unique pieces of art. The warm, beachy environment allows clients to relax and have fun during the shoot, which leads to laughs and genuine emotion captured in each photo. They also offer vast nature backdrops with sandy beaches and stunning views of the ocean which puts everyone in a relaxed state of mind. Each candid beach shoot is special because each photograph portrays an original story that captures the beauty of life’s precious moments.

 hello@teeandrebecca.com Photo by Tee and Rebecca (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Ribera Beach in Carmel, CA USA
 Bridgetqphotography@gmail.com Photo by BridgetQ Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Blue Ocean Event Center in Salisbury, MA United States
 hello@joannaandbrett.com Photo by Joanna and Brett (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Galveston Beach in Galveston, Texas United States
 info@fuller-photography.com Photo by Tom Fuller (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Sea Isle City Beach in Sea Isle NJ USA
 jeroen@jeroensavelkouls.nl Photo by Jeroen Savelkouls (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Watergoed in Valburg The Netherlands
 kristin@cheatwoodphoto.com Photo by Kristin Cheatwood (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Lido Key Beach in Lido Key, Florida USA
 luzye@luzye.com Photo by Luzye Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at San Clemente pier in San Clemente, CA US

Silhouettes in Beach Photoshoots

Beach photoshoots featuring silhouettes are an interesting way to capture the beauty of nature in a unique and artistic manner. Being able to focus solely on the shape and outline of an entity can bring out amazing contrasts between the subject, be it a sunset, a person, or even waves crashing against each other on the shore.

A dramatically posed silhouette creates a sense of mystery and intrigue that draws the viewer in. Silhouettes in beach photoshoots are a great way to add depth and emotion to your pictures, as well as giving them a unique quality that stands out from other photographs.
 shane@shanetrotter.net Photo by Shane Trotter (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at The Landing, Lake Tahoe CA in South Lake Tahoe, CA United States

Blue Hour in Beach Photoshoots

The blue hour presents a perfect opportunity for beach photoshoots, as the lighting during this time of day is simply breathtaking. During the blue hour which is the period just before sunrise or just after sunset, photographers can take advantage of a soft glow in the sky with beautiful mixes of magenta and blue that are sure to transform any beach scene into an absolutely stunning photo. Natural sunlight combined with reflections off the sand and water makes this a photographer’s dream come true. What’s more, having people in the photos helps to create life and vibrancy. Using this brief but special few minutes to snap some photos at the beach will truly be unforgettable!

 james@nixweddings.com Photo by Nix Weddings (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Emerald Isle in North Carolina USA
 Stefani@StefaniCiottiPhotography.com Photo by Stefani Ciotti (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at El Matador Beach in Malibu, CA USA

More Beach Photoshoot Inspiration

See more examples and inspiration from beautiful beach photoshoots below.

 jaycassario@gmail.com Photo by Jay Cassario (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Beach at Jekyll Island in Savannah, GA USA
 piperbrownphotography@gmail.com Photo by Piper Brown (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Easton Beach in Newport Rhode Island US
 info@rawshoots.com Photo by Raw Shoots (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Hacienda Barrigona in Barrigona Beach, Guanacaste, Costa Rica Costa Rica


Photo by Enhance Moments (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Terrapin Nature park in Stevensville, MD

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