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Several years ago when I started my photography journey I had a good friend who made the comment to me, “most people take pictures but you capture moments!”. When she first said that to me I really didn’t grasp it’s full meaning and at that moment I could never have imagined the impact that it would eventually have on my photography. Those words really stuck and the more I thought about it the more I started to look at everything a little differently. These “moments” happen all around us every day and on wedding day they happen tenfold. They’re subtle. They’re sneaky. There here and then in an instant they’re gone. But when they happen, they’re magical. For a lot of people these moments go by completely unnoticed. Maybe it’s catching a simple grin of a mother sitting nearby watching her daughter get ready for her walk down the aisle. Maybe it’s your grandparents holding hands during the ceremony. Then again it could be your young nephew trying to hide while he plays his video game in the middle of your vows. These are the moments that make your special day so unique and these are the moments that you will look back on and smile years down the road when you look through you wedding photos and reminisce. There are so many special moments on your wedding day but there are some that just seem to have a little more shine to them.

So how did we get started photographing weddings? We started probably like a lot of others when a family friend asked us to shoot her wedding. Probably unlike most I spent close to two hours trying to talk her out of it! That conversation back in 2012 became the first step on our wedding photography journey and uncovered a passion that I never would have imagined could have existed. The absolute best part is that this is a journey that my wife and I get to do together. So many awesome comments from our couples afterwards about the experience they had working with the two of us which really means a lot. For us, the experience is such an important part of what we provide which is why we chose to focus our business and limit our commitments each year. We do that because we want to give each couple the attention that they deserve. It’s the quality of the wedding day story that we tell, not the quantity of them and we are here to capture your most important wedding day moments.

Wondering how that first wedding turned out? Happy to say that it went well and since then we have stayed in touch and have done maternity, 3, 6 and 9 month and first birthday cake smashing photos for their 4 kids plus family photos in there as well!


Lightroom / Natural Light / Off Camera Flash / Photoshop


How would you describe your photography style?

Our photography style for the most part I would describe as clean, crisp and fresh. I love that more natural look but not overly saturated colors. I also love black and white images if it tells a better story or brings out more of the real emotion of the moment. From a lighting perspective are we “natural light” or flash photographers. To that question I answer “Yes!”. There are times when you cannot beat the natural light. Some of my favorite photos were taken using just the available light so if we have beautiful natural light we are going to use it. Sometimes though you just don’t have the option of using available light so that is when we will take control and create the lighting we want using flash. Most times it’s very subtle and other times we are going for something a little more dramatic but either way we are able to create the look we want.

Aside from the lighting topic I will tell our couples that if we can get to the end of their wedding day and you fins yourself asking if we were even there, then that is a great day for us. Your wedding day is about you and we are there to capture those moments as they happen and not be in the way. The portrait and family session times are a little different of course but our couples really love our “stay out of the way” style .

How do you ensure that your clients feel comfortable and relaxed during the photo shoot?

Having my wife as my assistant is absolutely the best and when we are having fun together it really relaxes our couples. Sometimes I think they get caught up in watching just us being us that they forget all about the camera. We also tell our couples up front that we don’t do a lot of structured posing but will give them little things to do but we let them do them the way they naturally would. That’s what we are looking for, them just being them how they naturally would be. We do offer some minor tweaks but typically when they see the first few images the nerves disappear quickly and we are able to capture them just being them. That is the real secret.

How do you ensure that you capture all of the important moments on the wedding day?

Well before wedding day we ill work with our couples to put together a timeline for the day and talk through all of the logistics of getting from place to place and how much time we think we’ll need and all of that. That really helps our couples be involved in their day and have a guideline. Beyond that, to capture those really important moments on wedding day really comes down to really knowing your couple which we get to do during the engagement session and all of the conversations we have ahead of wedding day. You also have to “read the room” and be able to anticipate what is coming and see how the wedding party and family and guests interact with everyone. There are great little moments scattered throughout the wedding day, you just have to be paying attention and be ready to capture them when they happen.

What is your favorite part of the wedding day and why?

I think one of my favorite wedding day moments is right after the couple walks down the aisle and exists right after the ceremony. All of the smiles and clapping and high fives as they make their way out but the absolute best are those first few moments that they have together along before the wedding party makes their way to them. All of the anticipation and waiting is over and your married!! Just a few private moments but for me, some of the best.

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