Birtsmorton Court

The Birtsmorton Court is one of the most picturesque wedding venues in England. In fact, its a stunning medieval moated manor house that showcases rich history. When you plan your day at Birtsmorton Court, you will benefit from exceptional personal service and exclusive access to the whole property. The venue is a family home which can guarantee privacy among majestic surroundings!

The beautiful Birtsmorton Court is the perfect spot for your dream wedding! Along with its lush green lawns and picturesque views, you’ll be able to enjoy every moment with family members in tow. Also, you can take advantage of this elegant venue’s many amenities as well. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something more traditional, the parish church is only a few steps away within the house. When you’re done with all the festivities, they also have luxury accommodations for you and your guests. 18 people can sleep in these gorgeous rooms too.

Further, the Birtsmorton Court is a stunning location hands down. Not only does it have an extensive moat and breathtaking views, but there are plenty of spots to take pictures all year round in the enchanting formal gardens or on their lovely terrace overlooking the vast waterfront. Whether you’re having an autumn or winter themed event, this venue offers exceptional service in every way imaginable!

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