Bolton Priory

The ruins of an Augustinian Priory lie in the beautiful riverside setting, yet it’s not just another ruin. The heart and soul of Bolton Abbey Estate lies within this sacred space. In other words, the ruins of an old church lie at the core of this estate, its beauty only magnified by how serene it is! Looking back, the Augustinian canons lived and worshipped here until 1539. It was when the dissolution of monasteries stripped them of their assets. Now, this place is not only majestic for its own sake, but people around the area cherish the Priory.

On one hand, you can even have your own sacred moment here. Tie the knot at the Bolton Priory for that historical and romantic feels! Be a part of this landmark and get ready to savor every minute while you’re here. Not only the church will give you that vintage vibe, but the vast grounds will make your experience even better! The exquisite view of the medieval church, as well as a modern and comfortable space to sit back is what makes this location perfect for couples who want to exchange vows!

In addition, Prior Moone is a fascinating character with an incredible story. He negotiated to secure the nave as a place of worship for his local community, and it continues on today in that same capacity! For many, a dream come true is to be married in the ancient Bolton Priory Church. Originally home of lay workers and now serving as their local parish church, it has withstood much change over time and still stands tall up to this day!

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