Burnby Hall Gardens

Burnby Hall Gardens are a hidden treasure in the beautiful English countryside. Also, with their Registry Office next door, Burnby can help you plan your dream wedding and take memories for life. Especially along with pre-booked photography sessions. Which will give any couple everything they need to last forever!

Further, Burnby Hall Gardens are a haven of beauty and tranquility. In addition, it’s known as ‘one of the jewels’ in Yorkshire’s crown. Moreover, the Secret Garden is a small but unique garden. A hidden oasis in the heart of the city, this quaint little area is a peaceful spot for lovers to just relax and enjoy nature. There are roses that flower only during summer months here! Meanwhile, the Aviary Garden is an area which forms the heart of the annual Tulip Festival in late April or May and after being planted up with seasonal bedding plants, provides a colorful display all summer long.

Moreover, the Victorian Garden is a beautiful, carefully planned out paradise with symmetrical design. As well as an original backdrop in which to show it off. The wooden gazebo at its center provides tranquility as you enjoy this idyllic location! One of the most popular features here at Burnby Hall Gardens is a stumpery. It’s been around for less time than some other parts in this centuries-old park, but it still manages to capture people’s imagination with its rustic charm and innovative design ideas.

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