Cayton Bay

Cayton Bay is a beautiful seaside town that’s popular for those who like to camp or caravan. The wide, sweeping beach makes it perfect in summertime. But not only that, winter offers plenty of fun opportunities too! With an all-year round dog friendly beach, clean water and great facilities, it’s no wonder that this coast spot is a popular destination for families, friends and couples! On a side note, you can even make this stunning bay as the location for your engagement photography session. Indulge yourself with the freely romantic atmosphere that this place has to offer!

Moreover, fossils are just about everywhere! You’ll find a few hidden under the rocks, but you can also explore onsite. The location makes it beautiful and relaxing – remember to pack your picnic too! For those looking to enjoy some time in the water, Cayton Bay is an excellent choice! Whether you’re a professional surfer or just want learn how to surf on your own terms – this spot has something special for every level of experience as well.

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