Colshaw Hall

Colshaw Hall is one of the most sought-after venues in all North West for weddings. The elegant and luxurious country estate has a unique charm that will make your special day stand out among others! Also, Imagine being able to take your partner on a journey with you, all while having the freedom and privacy at this location. 300 acres is more than enough space for any couple looking at tying their knot!

Further, you will be able to spend the night with your closest family and friends at this amazing venue after your wedding day. The grade II hall is perfect for photos too. So you can take some really beautiful shots that capture all of those happy moments on film! There’s a reason why Colshaw Hall is known as the perfect venue for weddings. Not only does it have breathtaking views and impressive architecture, but their package includes everything! They have an on-site coordinator to help you through your planning process up until just before that big day arrives – all at no extra cost!

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