Durham is a hidden oasis in the North East of England, just three hours by train from London and less than two from Edinburgh. Also, it’s a treasure trove of history and culture that has been preserved for posterity. In addition, it’s a wonderful place to visit, with its clean fresh air and friendly people. Additionally, the nearby Newcastle airport has great transport links for travelers who want to get around easily on their vacation! So, if you seek a destination engagement photo shoot full of historic and vintage charm, then Durham is for you!

Moreover, there’s so much to do in Durham! From exploring the breathtaking scenery and discovering award-winning attractions, you’ll never be bored with all that it has to offer. You can also experience world class events like festivals or even just relax at one of their many beaches for a perfect weekend getaway from city life. Durham’s City is home to one of the most recognizable landmarks in Great Britain, the majestic Durham Cathedral. Together with the adjoining Durham Castle, it forms an unforgettable city panorama that can be seen from across Europe.

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