Flying Fish Brewing Co.

Flying Fish is the world’s first virtual microbrewery and now one of New Jersey’s largest craft breweries. It has tripled its capacity since 1995. In addition, Flying Fish beers are known for their balance, as they offer a wide range of flavors without being too heavy or light. Now, expanding its capacities – it is also a unique place to have your wedding! If you are a beer enthusiast or simply loves beer, it is well assured that this venue will suit you just right. Equipped with both outdoor and indoor settings. So, you better get ready, as you’ll have one carefree brewing day with this one.

In addition, Flying Fish’s beers are full-flavored, drinkable and well-balanced. Hopping is generous yet to style – they don’t overpower the other flavors with hops like some brewers do when trying to show off their brewing skills. Also, Flying Fish has a huge selection of brews that will satisfy any palate. If you’re looking for something light and refreshing at lunchtime but want a tasteful beer after dinner, then stop by your local restaurant because there’ll be plenty of options waiting for you on every shelf here!

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