Grand Park Los Angeles

The Grand Park is a one-of-a kind gathering place for all Angelenos to come together. With views of the City Hall, Music Center, and more iconic landmarks from its perch in downtown Los Angeles. It’s easy to see why this urban heart has become so integral not only as an expression of the people, but also their diversity. Talk about the place of nothing else but joyous freedom!

The open spaces available throughout offer both casual sitting or leisurely strolling, as well as civic events like concerts that can host up to thousands of attendees! They say that a city’s urban center reflects what makes them unique: whether they thrive on creativity or nature; try new things constantly or stay traditionalist. At the Grand Park, there are several amenities offered, even spaces available for event rentals, also weddings!

In the same fashion, the park offers four distinctive areas that visitors can truly cherish. Ranging from the historic Arthur J. Will Memorial Fountain, with its newly restored wade-able membrane pool. Also, there’s an intimate performance lawn, a community terrace with specimen plants that are drought-tolerant, and especially, the grand event lawn. In addition, the Grand Park offers a strikingly strong visual and connection with the Grand Avenue. As it provides accessible ramps, sloped walks, and a new elevator that directs to the vibrant garden. Definitely a place to come together – both welcoming and truly heart-warming urban.

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