Hambledon Vineyard

Nestled in the Hampshire countryside, a large wooden barn with cream-colored walls and floorboards stands tall. The air smells fresh as you step inside to admire how heaven-like it feels during your visit at the Hambledon marquee. Further, Hambledon Vineyard is the most exclusive venue in all of New England. It’s hosted only ten weddings a year, and there are several requirements to get your special day here. The rolling hills and picturesque views of Hambledon mean that it’s not only a great location for weddings. In fact, it’s also suited for parties and business functions.

When you arrive, one of their award-winning sparkling wines is waiting for your guests in the glasses. The vines are gorgeous and perfect to take pictures against as well. A day in the vines is a lavish, yet simple affair for all. You can explore your surroundings before heading to an elegant wedding breakfast with loved ones. You’ll even appreciate lush vineyards that provide you with breathtaking views across neighboring lands and countryside scenery alike.

When you’re planning a wedding, it can be daunting. But not at Hambledon Vineyard! They’ve made sure that every little detail has been thought about and taken care of when choosing your reception venue. Just tell them what kind of theme would best suit your style! Let the Events Manager take care of all your wedding needs too. She is a first class professional with years of experience managing events and she’ll make sure that you are left worry-free in preparation for the big day! Hambledon Vineyard is the perfect venue for your next event. With beautiful scenery and great wines, it will be one of those events you never forget!

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