Islington Town Hall

Islington Town Hall is an iconic London building that has been sought after by couples. Especially due to its great location and elegant aesthetic. Ranging from its grand façade to its marble staircase. As well as other features that make this spot a popular choice among future spouses alike! On one hand, the building will make a gorgeous backdrop in all your pictures. While the historic streets of Islington are suited for endless photo opportunities too.

One of the main attractions about this building is that it has such an elegant and Neoclassical design. It takes a lot from ancient Greek and Roman architecture. With tall windows, grand portico entryway (which you can see proudly on display), and a classic white brick aesthetic. Islington Town Hall is the perfect location for an intimate wedding. With three different rooms available and all with their own unique charm, it’s easy to find one that suits you best! The Council Chamber is the most popular room, and anyone entering the space could see why. Along with its ancient oak-paneled walls, classic domed ceiling and gorgeous stained glass windows.

Consequently, the venue’s location nestled in North London’s heart is extremely convenient if you’re planning a reception near central London. Islington has beautiful lush squares that offer ample space for photographs, as well as listed buildings with historic brick-back lanes.

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