Kirkton House Huntly

The history of Kirkton House is one that has been passed down for generations. In fact, the 200-year old listed building has large spacious rooms and mature walled gardens. This venue will truly amaze you as it was originally built in 18th century Scotland! Also, an ideal spot to explore the beauty of Scotland’s Highlands, it has easy access not only to wonderful beaches and castles but also distilleries. You can even tie the knot here!

Moreover, Kirkton House is a haven for those who want to revitalize their mind, body and soul. The natural environment is a perfect place for those who care about all forms of life on Earth. It’s easy to see why this house would be loved by anyone looking forward to living among the trees. In addition, the Kirkton House community lives in perfect harmony with their surroundings, taking care to harvest what they need for food while not exploiting or damaging any natural resources as well.

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