Leathley Village Hall

Leathley Village Hall offers a unique place for residents and visitors to relax, socialize or host an event. The century-old building hold history in addition to its function as a community center. In fact, it can be rented out by the hour depending on availability. Also, the newly renovated facilities include a stage and well-equipped kitchen. Making this an excellent venue for weddings, meetings, concerts or plays. The classy look will leave you feeling like royalty too. While the sound system lets your guests know when it’s time to start dancing!

The venue was established in 1922 and it’s a beautiful old building on the opposite side of street from church. Which has been recently renovated as well. The village green can be seen just outside its front door, with trees shading it from endless summer suns or harsh winter rains. The stone building’s main room is equipped with a small stage area, kitchen and lavatories that adjoin the primary space. There are also corridors on either side of it which lead outside for more privacy when necessary. The stone walls surrounding the enclosed grass garden at the rear of this building stand as testament to its beauty and history.

Further, the rooms in the venue are used for a wide range of events, perhaps the best-known being Teas On The Green that take place to raise funds for Church and Women’s Institute. Also, the monthly “Last Friday Supper Clubs” in support of the Parish Room themselves has been going strong ever since. Additionally, Pilates classes are frequently held throughout the year in this diverse place as well.

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