Loveland Pass

Loveland Pass is located high in the Colorado Rocky Mountains! Also, it’s just 60 miles west of Denver. The 11,990-foot pass on this mountain range dividing North America’s continental divide will take you to some incredible places. In addition, Loveland Pass gets its name from the former president of Colorado Central Railroad, William A.H Loveland who also founded and built up this small town.

On one hand, the scenic view that awaits drivers at the pass is breathtaking. There are also snow-capped mountains as far as you can see. Also, the climb to this mountain pass is a notorious one, with its steady 6.7% grade and many turns that make for an exciting drive up into the mountains! If you seek an adventurous and unique engagement session, then this one is surely for you! Loveland Pass is known not only as an excellent spot for a day of skiing in the mountains. But it also offers some incredible backcountry adventures!

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