Pickering is a hidden gem of North Yorkshire, with its picturesque views and world-famous heritage sites. The moors are just one part of what this town has in store for you! The town’s historic market place is a veritable treasure trove of excellent independent retail businesses. With everything from bikes and outdoor gear, local produce and crafts, as well as antiques or gifts. This place is definitely the perfect definition of vintage charm and classic romance! So, having your engagement photo session here may seem like a once in a lifetime idea that should surely happen!

Moreover, alongside the independent retailers, you’ll find an abundance of cafés, tearooms and restaurants that will suit your taste. With so many options available, it’s hard to choose! Pickering has a unique culture of the performing arts too. And it’s no wonder considering that there are three active theatre spaces in town. Additionally, Pickering is a thriving community, home to an assortment of successful local businesses as well.

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