San Francisco Ferry Building

The San Francisco Ferry Building is a unique structure that bridges the gap between many neighborhoods in this city. Also, this iconic building is a landmark in the San Francisco Bay Area. On one hand, for a truly special and memorable day, start your big wedding in the Nave! The stunning Nave is home to an expansive historic marble mosaic floor, buff brick and terra cotta arches. Which are topped with a 660-foot long skylight flooding the space with natural light.

You will be radiant as you say “I do” with the one who makes your heart beat fast in this European-style wedding! You deserve a night that will live in your memories for years to come. So after the ceremony, head over to the reception where they’ve got everything from classic cocktails and appetizers on offer. The profundity of this space is heightened by its settings as well.

The perfect place for hosting your next event, the venue is both intimate and inviting. Guests can dine under stars or dance on a striking floor mosaic that features California’s Great Seal! The perfect place to host your dream wedding, this enchanting building seems worlds away!

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