Santiago Vineyard and Estate

The Santiago Vineyard and Estate is nestled among green hills and vast fields of grapevines. In fact, it’s a lavish property with over 18,000 square feet of living space. Notably, you can rent the whole property for any special occasion. Especially, if it’s as grand as your wedding day! Also, the mansion has endless views! All of which are nothing short of spectacular as well.

In addition, there’s the impressive Main and Guest House that can be rented out separately. Midway, between the houses, there’s an evocative 30-foot pool. It’s is placed at the center with its tropical resort vibe. Also, it is surrounded by large rockscapes, waterfalls, hidden grotto, and expansive terraces. Equally, it also features imported African palms that offers plenty of lounging space. Now, imagine taking a dive after your big day and simply chilling by the pool.

The possibilities are endless in this diversified place! Not to mention, another amazing aspect about this venue is their amenities. As it has been specially designed to cater to a range of cultural weddings too. Making it extra special for all of the guests!

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