Scarborough Beach

It’s easy to see why so many people have chosen Scarborough as a destination. The town has everything one could want in their vacation: beautiful beaches, fun nightlife, and amazing restaurants with great food. All of which are only minutes away by car or train from central London! In fact, amidst its panoramic beauty, it’s surely a top location to pop the much awaited question to your partner! If you’re the one that loves the spontaneity of an impromptu engagement photo session, then this place is for you!

There’s more than one way to make the day at a seaside beach an unforgettable experience. If you like lively town life with lots of culture and history, head on down here! Overlooking two beautiful bays, one can find ruins of a bygone era in Scarborough. The promontory dividing these sandy shores was once home to this large castle with majestic towers that guard over its 11th century domain. Visitors (tourists and locals alike) will surely not be disappointed at what they will see in this renowned beach.

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