Shelldance Orchid Gardens

Planning an elopement? Shelldance Orchid Gardens is the perfect spot for your small intimate wedding. With its lush green scenery and romantic ambiance, this outdoorsy location will make you feel like a king or queen! Also, Shelldance Orchid Gardens Wedding brings together the beauty of nature with modern design. The nursery is a perfect setting for those who want their wedding day to be unique!

In here, the North Wing is a beautiful, bright space that glows with natural sunlight. It’s the perfect place for your wedding reception or ceremony! Wedding bells are ringing and it’s time to tie the knot! The Foyer is where you’ll find all of your guests before heading up onto stage. You and your guests will be greeted by an array of plant species in the Foyer, which can make for an unforgettable first impression on such important day.

Meanwhile, the Big Orchid Room is a place to get lost for hours. All among the winding paths and beautiful flowers. You can even have your picture taken in front of perhaps one-of-a kind orchids! On the contrary, the natural beauty of Shelldance Orchid Gardens will leave an impression on your wedding day, no matter what type or style you have. And if it’s not already enough that this venue offers such beautiful surroundings, take home one (or more) plant as a reminder!

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