The Culinary Institute of America

When planning a wedding in the beautiful Napa Valley, it’s hard to beat having your ceremony and reception at the Culinary Institute of America. Also, this renowned school offers wine-country weddings. Especially for guests who want an unforgettable experience! They showcase breathtaking views while you celebrate your love together as husband and wife!

CIA’s two locations, Copia in downtown Napa and Greystone are beautiful! One has a perfect view of the vineyards while another offers stunning views across rolling hills. In addition, the beautiful grounds of Copia will offer your guests a tranquil, relaxing environment to enjoy the festivities. With lush green landscapes and captivating culinary gardens that provide stunning views for any guest who visits. Meanwhile, the Greystone castle-like structure will make you feel like royalty as it stands out among other luxurious buildings in this incredible city.

The culinary Institute of America at Copia in downtown Napa offers an unforgettable experience for guests. They can choose between indoor and outdoor spaces that will give meaning to both the ceremony, as well as reception celebration. All while being able enjoy this picturesque valley view from start-to finish!

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