The Hermitage

If you’re looking for an area that is both picturesque and environmentally-friendly, look no further than the Hermitage. This 33 acre preserve has trees like one of Britain’s tallest Douglas fir trees to enjoy! Also, you can enjoy views of Black Linn Falls and its wooded gorge here as well. The Hermitage is an oasis of natural beauty in the middle of a civilized landscape, where you can escape from all distractions and relax freely!

Further, if you want an intimate elopement, then the Hermitage might be for you! With its romantic landscape and historic charm, the Hermitage is one of Scotland’s most beautiful tourist attractions. In fact, it’s also one of the first tourist attractions in Scotland and a popular stop on many tours. On the contrary, the forest has been a place of inspiration for many artists and writers including William Wordsworth, JMW Turner and Felix Mendelssohn.

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