The Lobster Shack

Come to the Lobster Shack, a beach serving bar that specializes in fresh seafood. If you’re looking for daily specials and delectable local dishes with amazing wines, then this place has what it takes! In fact, if you are into a much carefree and unique way to celebrate special moments, you can also tie the knot here. Not only will you have the most delicious wedding menu, but you will also enjoy the stunning oceanfront view!

Further, whether you’re in the mood for some seafood or simply some place old school, the Lobster Shack has what’s needed. With their amazing beach views and lots of outdoor seating, it’ll be hard to resist staying longer! The Lobster Shack’s appeal is something different from what you would usually see. It has an authenticity that feels like it could be found only in California or British seaside towns, yet there are hints of frontier charm as well.

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