Wayfarers Chapel

At Wayfarers Chapel, the historic and impressive venue offers up to 100 guests for your special day. Also, the chapel is an open and affirming Christian ministry. Offering equal blessing to all people regardless of gender, sexual orientation or race. This natural sanctuary is a place of great beauty and peace. The stones from Palos Verdes and redwoods trees send their branches high above for a breathtaking view. In fact, this structure was created by the renowned architect, Lloyd Wright.

Moreover, the 3.5 acres of the Chapel grounds represent a stunning landscape. That includes beautifully manicured gardens and trees forming arbored walkways, in addition to reflecting pools with memorial fountains. There are also colonnades and rose beds engraved from pavers on pathways for easy viewing. All of these while set against the picturesque Pacific Ocean!

The Chapel’s organic architecture gives its unique expression as both an approachable space for all wayfarers on their life’s journey. But also one that fosters inner peace when entering this sacred ground. The Chapel offers a space that is both natural and serene, with the perfect combination of coastal elements. It’s located close enough for Los Angeles wedding guests too. While it also has plenty more outdoor spaces to accommodate all of your needs!

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