The Westin St. Francis San Francisco

The historic Westin St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco is a popular destination for weddings, honeymoons and other celebrations due to its cozy  atmosphere. Also, its luxurious atmosphere and amenities make it even more enticing for every guest! The grandeur of posh hotel lobbies, exquisite ballrooms and stately courtyards is something that will be alluring to you. This is an ancient place in the city where socialites come for an elegant escape from their busy lives or royalty searches out peace.

Further, when guests walk into the Westin St. Francis, they will be enchanted by the historic magenta grandfather clock. As well as its stylish ambience accented with marble and ornate décor from chandeliers to woodwork that is just breathtaking! Westin St. Francis is a luxurious hotel in San Francisco with an old-world feel and modern amenities for travelers from all over the world looking to vacation on California’s picturesque Bay Area coastline.

Exchange vows and dance through the night 32 floors above city in Victor’s or Alexandra’s. Or celebrate with an old-fashioned ballroom dancing at the Colonial Ballroom! The Westin St. Francis San Francisco is a beautiful venue that offers wonderful accommodations for your big day! Whether you desire an intimate affair or lavish celebration, this wedding reception hall can easily accommodate any size group and still provide stunning views of the city!

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