10+ Examples of Wedding Photography Under The Stars

A wedding is all about bringing two souls together, and what better way to capture that everlasting connection than with some stunning photos under the stars? When the sun goes down and the twinkling lights start to appear, it creates a magical backdrop for a truly romantic and unforgettable experience. In this article, we’re going to show you some absolutely breathtaking examples of wedding photography under the stars. From dreamy shots of couples embraced against the Milky Way to those special moments during the blue hour, these images will fill your heart with emotions that go beyond time and remind us of the incredible power of love. So, come along with us as we explore the enchanting world of celestial beauty, where wedding photography becomes a testament to the cosmic magnificence of two souls coming together in marriage.

The following images are provided by the award winning photographers at the Wedding Maps directory and displayed with permission.

For the images submitted, composites were allowed. However, AI and sky replacements were not.

Editor’s Choice

Let’s start with the editor’s selections for the best wedding photography under the stars.

Photo by Sarah Goff Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at The Barn at Sunset Ranch in Buena Vista, Colorado, USA

Photo by Jessie and Dallin (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Little Sahara Sand Dunes in UT, USA

Photo by Photo by We The Light (Website | Wedding Maps Profile)

More Wedding photography Under the Stars

lazzat.v@gmail.com Photo by Lazzat Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Holland Farms in Milton, FL, USA

Photo by Lin and Jirsa (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Malibu Rocky Oaks in CA

info@jessieanddallin.com Photo by Jessie and Dallin (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Bonneville Salt Flats in UT, USA

info@geoffphotographycr.com Photo by Geoff Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Tinajitas Hills in San Ramón, Costa Rica

Stefani@StefaniCiottiPhotography.com Photo by Stefani Ciotti (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Deer Creek Ridge in Malibu, CA, USA

angela@angelanelsonphoto.com Photo by Angie Nelson (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at On the side of the highway in Kona, Hawaii Island, USA

hello@jendzphotography.com Photo by Jen DZ Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile)

angela@angelanelsonphoto.com Photo by Angie Nelson (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Haleakala National Park in Maui, Hawaii, USA

hello@inloveandadventure.com Photo by In Love and Adventure (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Public Lands, Colorado in Buena Vista, Colorado, US

hello@letsmakeamemory.com Photo by Lets Make a Memory (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Serendipity Gardens in Oak Glen, CA, USA

elyssa@kivusandcamera.com Photo by Kivus and Camera (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at The Ridge Asheville in Asheville, North Carolina, United States

scott@smjphotography.net Photo by SMJ Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at John Wright Restaurant in Wrightsville, PA, USA

maddnessphoto@gmail.com Photo by Maddness Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Backyard Wedding in Greenvile, SC, United States

hello@larsenphoto.co Photo by Larsen Photo Co (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Arapaho National Forest in Colorado, USA

info@yourjcmphotography.com Photo by JCM Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Alexander Homestead Weddings in Charlotte, NC, United States


With wedding photos under the stars, time seems to stand still, and the beauty above intertwines with the power of love. Our talented photographers have skillfully captured this extraordinary phenomenon, presenting us with a collection of breathtaking moments beneath the shimmering night sky. As we immerse ourselves in these awe-inspiring images, we cannot help but be reminded that love, much like the stars themselves, shines brilliantly. It serves as a guiding force, inspiring us on our own personal journeys.

Let us celebrate and treasure the profound beauty of love under the stars, for it is a gift that will continue to inspire and captivate us for all time!

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