Cornwell Manor

The Cornwell Manor has been called one of the most beautiful in England. Also, it’s situated on 2,000 acres with its own village and church. It was even featured by Country Life Magazine as being one of the people’s favorite properties to visit! Cornwell Manor is a place where the past still shines brightly in every shadow and crevice. The grandeur of times gone by both soothes your soul, while also making you excited for what’s to come next.

If you’ll look at it, Cornwell Manor is a magical place that has been used to create weddings for centuries. With its perfect landscaping and plenty of space, there are endless possibilities when it comes to your dream wedding at this venue! Imagine your perfect day. What do you want it to be like? A long weekend in a beautiful house, with plenty of space for friends and family members who have come all the way from distant cities or countries, them being able celebrate an occasion together amidst their loved ones’ company – have your rehearsal dinner in the Ballroom and get married on Sunday morning. Then go out into nature with an open-air dance party here!

You can have a blessing conducted by the finest celebrants anywhere on this beautiful estate. You can have it under the giant Beech tree, by the poolside or the pristine lake. It’s simply your choice! Additionally, the walled garden is a perfect place to host your outdoorsy drinks reception or seated meal. You can hire it separately from the house as well.

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