Danby Castle

Danby Castle is North Yorkshire’s most majestic and historic wedding venue that offers a romantic escape from the modern world. In fact, it’s a 13th-century castle that stands proudly on a spur of the beautiful Esk Valley. Also, the building once belonged to Katherine Parr before she married Henry VIII. But now, it’s open for tours, and visitors from around world can come see this incredible place in person!

Moreover, the castle was transformed into a wedding venue in 2007. At the same time, it also serves as a family home. This beautiful spot has 3 licensed areas for you to choose from if you’re looking to get married. The site’s history dates back centuries, and it’s perfect as a backdrop in any wedding! The ancient Court Room on the 1st floor of this building was originally known as the “Solar” or ‘Great Chamber’. While the Horse Engine House is a three-sided building on the ground floor that is overlooking the original castle courtyard. The 16th Century Barn at Danby Castle is on the ground floor and has many original features. In addition to offering great access for wheelchair users, this barn also houses a dancefloor, as well as an intimate bar with delicious drinks from around Europe.

A wedding held in the beautiful surroundings of a historic site is a dream come true for many. Now you can have your own ceremony onsite, with all its lush greenery and breathtaking views! The perfect way to celebrate your wedding day is with an evening party in the barn. This unique venue has a rustic charm that will make you feel at home!

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