East Quay Venue

The stretch of land that forms Whitstable is the perfect location for your wedding. The town itself has an old world charm, adding to its character and making it just as original as you are! A beautiful seaside location with nothing but vast water surrounding it, what better way could there be to tie the knot here? In fact, East Quay Venue is the home of Whitstable’s oldest building located at its end. It’s originally a fishery company, but it’s now hosting events like weddings!

Facing still onto that same shingle seashore, East Quay Venue retains the structural features and character from its coastal heritage past. With a relaxed ‘shabby-chic’ ambience, you can effortlessly wander to water’s edge. Just as if this was an old seaside town! The venue’s charm and uniqueness will make it an unusually exquisite setting for your wedding. As well as being perfect to hold anniversaries or any other memorable celebration here.

Moreover, the venue offers two rooms for weddings, each with different features. The mezzanine space can hold up to 100 guests and has views of the ocean. While the space downstairs is smaller but still suitable at 70 people capacity. It also includes access into an event area that transforms into one big dance floor after hours! Also, you can enjoy a drink reception on the shingle beach with their selection of packages. All drinks are served in different styles and you will have no problem finding one that suits your needs, from champagne to cocktails!

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