Lineham Farm

For a wedding to be truly memorable, it needs the perfect location. One with an amazing backdrop and gorgeous scenery for your guests to take in while they celebrate with you on this joyous occasion! Lineham Farm is exactly that destination! This venue has magnificent grounds surrounded by lush forests filled fields. This is also where old stone cottages sit nestled between 17th century farmhouse ruins in North Leeds!

This is the perfect location in which to create something truly magical. The area has been carefully planned and curated for your imagination. Lineham Farm is a blank canvas ready-made just waiting you on it! In addition, set in 120 acres, Lineham Farm is the perfect venue for your dream wedding. The farm features a lush landscape and plenty of room to host an intimate gathering or large party with 180 degree views from every direction! The farm is a hidden sanctuary in the heart of England. This is where you can escape and spend quality time with friends and family as well.

You can book your wedding with them and they will give you exclusive use of the property over the whole weekend. Even allowing up to 100 guests for your special occasion. If it’s really important that more people come to visit, then evening invitations may be sent out too! Free accommodation is also available in case any of your loved ones want to stay temporarily while visiting their favorite relative or friend on their big day.

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