Old Jet

Old Jet is a unique arts center on the ex-U.S Air Force Base. It’s currently located on Bentwaters Park with spectacular views of Suffolk! Also, the venue is home to a unique community of artists. As it showcases photographers and writers that work together in the heart of Old Jet. The two-storey ex-maintenance office block provides studio space on one floor for people working with a range of media from paintings to music composition as well.

In addition, for those who are interested in the arts, there are a variety of activities to enjoy here. You can even join their weekly life-drawing sessions. While on Saturdays, they hold an antique market which helps generate money for local causes! With their flexible spaces, the studio is perfect for events and rehearsals. They also supply arts-based storage to theatre companies with touring music artists in mind. Additionally, you can have your out-of-the-box wedding celebration at Old Jet! Just choose between their featured indoor spaces or their vast outdoor grounds – it’s all up to you!

On the contrary, the fuel efficiency of Old Jet is unparalleled, with all power coming from an on-site anaerobic digestion plant. However, keep in mind that Old Jet is not open to the public, but if you want to come and take a look around, that would be great too. Because there’s no fee to wander and enjoy this historic site.

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