Just around the corner from Whitby, you’ll find a little seaside village that looks out over one of England’s most beautiful bays. It’s so close in fact that all it takes to see both attractions are some steps and an eager gaze! If you want a little peace and quiet, try Sandsend. It offers rest for the body, as well as an escape from everyday life’s hustle. This tranquil environment highly supports walking to keep fit or cycling – whatever suits your fancy! On one hand, if it’s serenity that you seek, then this might be a top choice for your much awaited engagement photography session!

Packing up your bucket and net, head over to the beach. Take a look around for seashells or driftwood in rock pools – you never know what treasures might be waiting! If you’re looking for a great place to eat and drink, then Sandsend is particularly known as one of the best food hubs in the region. It’s an outstanding choice if your idea of fine dining extends beyond the usual chain restaurants too.

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