Santo Domingo Hunxectamán

The Santo Domingo Hunxectamán farm is a hidden oasis! It is located at kilometer 5 of the highway to Umán. Still, within the town of Hunxectamán. It was once a henequen hacienda and still maintains some typical 18th-century architecture. That includes large portals with heavy wooden doors that open into plazas shaded by rows of rich old trees. The evidence in its buildings and machine rooms speaks of a henequen production. But it is suspected that at one time the hacienda also witnessed cotton production. Because both henequen and cotton grew easily along with sugar cane on Yucatán’s rich soil.

Hunxectamán offers its guests a fantastic opportunity to explore the splendor of Mexican history and culture. The hacienda has fully restored all key features including gorgeous gardens, corridors, main house and machine room in order to preserve identity with great care. This perfect setting makes for great social events, making it an ideal location whether you be hosting parties or your once in a lifetime wedding!

In addition, the Main Garden at this farm has a spectacular view of fountains and gardens, making it an enjoyable evening for more than hundred of guests. At night, the lighting makes this encounter unforgettable. Similarly, there is also the fully restored machine room. As it offers the comfort of air conditioning, access to bathrooms, terrace and independent entrance. It’s even suitable for up to 400 wedding guests. Also, they offer complete amenities from the kitchen area for banquettes, service bathrooms, and parking lot.

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