Stone Barn

A tranquil setting in the Cotswolds, Stone Barn is a beautiful venue for your wedding! With sweeping views and lush greenery all around, you’ll feel right at home on this historic site. In fact, it has been transformed into an ornate wedding venue by Cripps & Co., which is known to have nearly 30 years of experience in creating weddings!

Moreover, Stone Barn’s interior is a veritable stone gem. The huge fireplace and open floor plan offer the perfect spot to host your ceremony during day-time. All while transforming it into an elegant dance floor at night time! This beautiful barn can hold up to 120 guests for your ceremony or 250 people if you’re having an evening reception.

On the contrary, you can also step inside a Dutch barn and be transported to another time. The adjoining space has elegantly arched ceilings and beautiful corrugated iron roofs. In here, you’ll see sweeping views over the surrounding landscape from its high location on top of these historic buildings. Also, the lush and verdant grounds provide the perfect spot for outdoor ceremonies. Which you can easily see across hills in all directions within the property.

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