The Old Lodge

The Old Lodge’s beautiful grounds, romantic atmosphere and stunning views make it a popular wedding venue. In fact, this 17th century Tudor Mansion stands in nearly 3 acres of beautifully manicured gardens. Also, it’s located at the edge of the historic market town of Malton. Additionally, it’s a must-see for history lovers!

The majestic Old Lodge has a log fire and offers an outside terrace for your garden party. Along with views over their largely well-maintained grounds. The beauty of the Old Lodge is something to behold! You’re sure to find your perfect wedding location with its exquisite grounds, ceremonies hall, and ‘Forever Folly’. The Old Lodge has a reputation, not only for their vast grounds and luxurious accommodations, but also because of the unrivaled services they fully provide!

The wedding team at the Old Lodge is passionate about providing you with excellence in every detail – from your special day all way through to post event catering options or corporate events held here later on down the road! On a side note, you’ll be able to see acres of land from your private room in one of their cozy guesthouses. Each room has its own designer look with four-poster beds, a bathroom and more.

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