The Old Post Office

The Old Chicago Post Office was built in 1921 to serve as the city’s central mail sorting facility. But it wasn’t until 1932 that architects designed an expanded building. As there were more unprecedented postal needs that time. It was when twice as many letters kept on arriving at their doors every day! After sitting vacant for nearly two decades, the Old Post Office has just finished a $800 million renovation. Making it one of the largest historic renovations in the country!

Today, the property is a stunning multi-use office and event space. It is also poised to become the central hub of Chicago’s business community once again. Also, the Old Post Office is a place of hope and inspiration. As tenants from all over settle into their new workspace. Plans are underway to bring even more energy and greenery to the west side of Chicago. With a 3.5-acre urban rooftop oasis – the largest such project in the city’s history! Not to mention, one of the most exciting features here is a food hall that will offer tenants and visitors alike an array of scrumptious dining options.

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