Whitby is a surprising town that offers something different to your typical coastal resort. You won’t be able to guess what it’s like when you visit! Whitby is a town steeped in the dark, gothic culture that its become known for. The streets are lined with unique shops and many buildings have Abbey ruins on their grounds which can be seen from afar when looking out over Whitby Bay. The town also have the Whitby Goth Weekend, a twice-yearly music festival for the gothic subculture.

When you visit Whitby, the town’s ornate cobbled paths will captivate your senses. You can explore unique shops and cafes that give its intriguing yet welcoming atmosphere to make for a great day trip! On the contrary, if you sought after something unique, then this is the place for you! Get ready to have a diversely fun experience here. As you explore their sandy beaches and amazing coastline for your engagement photography session! You can also stand on the pier and watch as boats cruise by. Catch a glimpse into their lives or just enjoy some time at sea with them – it’s your choice!

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