York Maze

York Maze is an epic rural venue, good for less formal weddings or receptions. When they close as a visitor attraction, the staff takes down all maze dedicated equipment. Then, the venue returns itself back to just being one lovely old farmstead. When you drive down the country roads, it’s hard not to notice this small but beautiful place. Located on your way into Elvington and just seven miles outside of York city center, this venue offers peace in an otherwise bustling world!

Moreover, the space is yours to decorate, design and personalize. You can use the site as you wish or have them do it for you! They have a wide range of barns, from brick and timber to more modern. The south-facing wooden terrace is connected by an additional building with removable sides for easy access when you want privacy or extra seating space! Meanwhile, the larger barn has a stage at one end, perfect for bands or DJ’s. And the smaller ones in the other direction to host your ceremony.

The barns are a beautiful and rustic spot to hold your dream wedding. With the capacity for up 200 people, it will be one of those events that you’ll always remember fondly! On one hand, the terrace barn can seat up to 160 people, but it’s becoming increasingly popular as an evening function venue as well.

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