30+ Gorgeous Wedding Ring Pictures

Wedding rings are not just pieces of jewelry; they’re symbols of eternal love, commitment, and the beautiful journey two people embark upon together. Capturing these sentiments in a photograph is truly an art form. In this article, we explore over 30 stunning ways to showcase wedding rings in photographs, providing a wellspring of inspiration for soon-to-be-married couples and photographers alike.

Wedding Ring Pictures with a Reflective Surface

The gleam of a wedding ring on a reflective surface – be it a mirror, a water body, or even a polished stone – adds a touch of interest, balance, and depth. The dual image amplifies the ring’s splendor, turning the photo into a vivid memory.
loc@loclefilms.com Photo by Loc Le (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Song River Monroe
Photo by Lin and Jirsa (Website | Wedding Maps Profile)

The soft blur of bokeh lights makes the ring stand out, twinkling and center stage, reminiscent of the stars in a vast night sky.

andy@andysiddersphotography.co.uk Photo by Andy Sidders Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at De Vere Latimer Estate in Buckinghamshire England

Wedding Ring Pictures in the Air

Capturing a ring mid-air, perhaps during a joyous toss or while being handed over, brings a dynamic feel. It speaks of moments that are fleeting yet eternally significant.

tismanphoto@gmail.com Photo by Jeff Tisman (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Private Estate in Dingmans Ferry PA.
gretchen@gretchentroop.com Photo by Gretchen Troop (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Estes Park Resort in Estes Park, Colorado

Shapes and Patterns with Rings

Playing with shadows and patterns can create a mesmerizing visual. A ring’s circular shape contrasts beautifully with geometric patterns or linear shadows, creating a captivating juxtaposition. These shapes and patterns can be found everywhere from natural elements like leaves to decor on furniture and clothing.

danieka@picturist.photography Photo by Picturist Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Mission Ranch in Carmel, California
mauricio.urena@photobymaug.com Photo by Mauricio Urena (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at La Casa de la Ruina in Santa Rosa, Antigua Guatemala

Florals and Wedding Rings

Roses, lilies, wildflowers and wedding bouquets helps convey a soft and romantic aura. The vibrant colors and delicate petals complement the sparkling stones perfectly.

hello@vowofthewild.com Photo by Vow of the Wild (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at White River National Forest in Breckenridge, Colorado
monica@monicacassellphotography.com Photo by Monica Cassell (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at The Gardena Venue in Valley View, Texas

photo@aaronaldhizerphotography.com Photo by Aaron Aldhizer (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Private Residence in Cleveland, Ohio

Wedding Shoes + Wedding Rings

This combination tells a sweet story. Placing the ring with shoes can symbolize the journey the couple is about to take, step by step, together.  Or, if you prefer not to overanalyze the significance, they simply look interesting together.

1836photographie@gmail.com Photo by 1836 Photographie (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at The Preserve at Canyon Lake in Canyon Lake, Texas

info@4eyesphotography.ca Photo by 4 Eyes Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Hotel Sheraton in Calgary, Alberta Canada

Moody Wedding Ring Photos

For those who love a touch of drama, using moody lighting and darker tones brings out the mystery and depth of the bond the ring represents.  These photos incorporate light and shadows to create interest and contrast.

ladmanstudios@gmail.com Photo by Ladman Studios (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Stonehurst at Hampton Valley in Hampton, CT

laura@lauraskebbaphotography.com Photo by Laura Skebba Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Private Residence in Toledo, Ohio

zack@zackbradleyphotography.com Photo by Zack Bradley (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Avenue in Greenville, SC 

Beach Wedding Ring Pictures

The sandy shores and the vast ocean make for a perfect backdrop. Rings nestled in shells or placed beside a beachy note spell out a tale of love as vast and timeless as the sea.

info@yourjcmphotography.com Photo by JCM Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Jobson Cove in Jobson Cove, Bermuda

afsylvest@gmail.com Photo by Francis Sylvest (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Haifoss, Iceland in Southern Region Iceland

Wedding Ring Picutres with Nature

From the autumnal hues of fallen leaves to the crispness of winter snow, nature offers countless canvases. A ring amidst such raw beauty symbolizes a love that’s pure and ever-evolving.
info@jessieanddallin.com Photo by Jessie and Dallin (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at in Salt Lake City, UT
meganposein@gmail.com Photo by Megan Posein (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, Jasper in Alberta Canada
info@pollok-pictures.de Photo by Andreas Pollok (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Netts Landhaus in Rheinland Pfalz Germany
Stefani@StefaniCiottiPhotography.com Photo by Stefani Ciotti (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at The Lautner in Desert Hot Springs, CA

Wedding Ring Photos with Mist or Colored Gels

Misty backdrops add an ethereal touch. Rings emerging from the fog or glistening with dew drops evoke a sense of timeless romance.  These images have a commercial look and feel to them.

Pj@fitsandstopsphotography.com Photo by Fits and Stops Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile)
stephen@stephenmayophotography.com Photo by Stephen Mayo (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Garden City Hotel in Garden City, NY

From the bold hues of a sunset to the pastels of macarons, placing rings against vibrant backgrounds makes the metal and stones pop in a feast for the eyes.
scott@smjphotography.net Photo by SMJ Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Cork Factory Hotel in Lancaster, PA

Invitations or Other Significant Writing

Placing the wedding ring atop an invitation or a handwritten love letter bridges the past, present, and future of the couple’s love story.

hello@letsmakeamemory.com Photo by Lets Make a Memory (Website | Wedding Maps Profile)

hello@tkmphotography.com Photo by TKM Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Port Perry in Port Perry, Ontario Canada

john@johnfoleyphotography.com Photo by John Foley (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at The Homestead 1854 in Plano, IL 

Wedding Ring Pictures That Incorporate the Story

Every couple has a unique story. Be it the café where they first met or a cherished book they both love, incorporating such elements creates a personal and deeply touching image.

hello@inloveandadventure.com Photo by In Love and Adventure (Website | Wedding Maps Profile
hello@joannaandbrett.com Photo by Joanna and Brett (Website | Wedding Maps Profile
info@williamjsaylorphotography.com Photo by William J Saylor (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Casa De Lago in Orange, California 
kristin@cheatwoodphoto.com Photo by Kristin Cheatwood (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Idaho City in Idaho City, ID

luzye@luzye.com Photo by Luzye Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile

Black Background Wedding Ring Pictures

A black backdrop offers a stark contrast, making the ring shine brilliantly. It conveys elegance, simplicity, and the undying luminance of love.
belinda@belindaphilleo.com Photo by Belinda Philleo (Website | Wedding Maps Profile
connect@rocfocus.com Photo by Roc Focus (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at House in Rochester, NY in Rochester, NY

Wedding ring photographs are a memento of a promise, a journey, and the myriad emotions that come with saying “I do.” Whether you’re a photographer seeking inspiration or a couple searching for the perfect shot, remember that the most beautiful pictures are the ones that resonate with your unique love story.

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