40+ Examples of Portraits Without Faces

At times, wedding photographers choose to step outside the traditional norms and create unique portraits that tell a different kind of story. One such approach is excluding faces from the frame, a technique that gives the viewer a different perspective.  The photographer’s deliberate exclusions within the scene hold significant sway over the narrative, at times exceeding the impact of what they choose to include in the frame.  Excluding faces also allows other elements to take center stage, highlighting various aspects of the scene, such as the wedding dress, bouquet, hands, or shoes. In this article, we will explore 40 stunning examples of wedding portraits without faces, showcasing the creativity and storytelling possibilities within this interesting technique.

Editor’s Choice

Below are the editor’s choices for the best photos submitted to this challenge by our photographers.

Photo by Maddness Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Cross Creek Ranch in Dover, Florida

 Photo by Laurentiu Nica (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at in Craiova City, Dolj County Romania

 Photo by Dan Sauer (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Lake Moraine in Banff Canada

 Photo by Courtland Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) in Sacramento, CA

Photo by Sofia Camplioni (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) in Chalkidiki, Ελλάδα

Portraits Cropped at the Neck or Shoulders

In these intimate portraits, the story is in the unseen elements that are not kept in the frame. By cropping the images at the neck or shoulders, these portraits leave the viewer with the freedom to imagine and interpret the image as they choose. The also emphasizes the intricate details of wardrobes or the beauty of the location.

hello@larsenphoto.co Photo by Larsen Photo Co (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) in Boulder, CO USA

connect@rocfocus.com Photo by Roc Focus (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Woodcliff Hotel and Spa in Rochester, NY United States

scott@smjphotography.net Photo by SMJ Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Cork Factory Hotel in Lancaster, PA USA

john@johnfoleyphotography.com Photo by John Foley (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Venue 5126 in Oswego, IL USA

jackie@jacquelinebenet.com Photo by Jacqueline Benet (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Carl S English Jr Botanical Garden in Seattle, WA United States

Portraits that Focus on the Hands or Rings

By emphasizing the hands or wedding rings, photographers capture the symbolic significance of the union and the intimate connection between the couple.  In some of the photos below, you’ll also see that by cropping into just the hands, the message and story are simplified.  Without facial expressions, the message can be hyper focused to express themes like “embrace” or “cherish.”

elyssa@kivusandcamera.com Photo by Kivus and Camera (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at The Cookery in Durham, North Carolina United States
paul@pmc-photography.com Photo by PMC Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Whispering Oaks Terrace in Pala, California United States

Stefani@StefaniCiottiPhotography.com Photo by Stefani Ciotti (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Stoney Ridge Villa in Azle, TX USA

katelyn@thehazelclub.com Photo by The Hazel Club (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at The River Room in Wilmington, NC USA
nicole@nicoleamanda.ca Photo by Nicole Amanda (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Stonefields Estate in Beckwith, ON Canada
Bridgetqphotography@gmail.com Photo by BridgetQ Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at The Schooner Aquidneck in Newport, RI USA
sonjuphotography@gmail.com Photo by Sonju Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Villa Woodbine in Miami, Florida USA

Portraits of the Backs of Couples

Photographing the backs of couples can create a sense of mystery and anticipation, allowing viewers to imagine the emotions and the journey ahead for the newlyweds.
larissa@wethelightphotography.com Photo by We The Light (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Private Residence in Idledale, CO USA
laura@lauraskebbaphotography.com Photo by Laura Skebba Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Felt Mansion in Holland, MI USA
info@pollok-pictures.de Photo by Andreas Pollok (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at somewhere in the fields in Baden Württemberg Germany

info@yourjcmphotography.com Photo by JCM Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Pisgah National Forest in Barnardsville, NC United States

Portraits with a Focus on the Feet or Shoes

Shifting the focus to the feet or shoes adds a touch of whimsy and romance to wedding portraits, symbolizing the path the couple will walk together.  It also highlights the shoes, which can be unique expressions of the couple’s personalities.

natasha.lamalle@gmail.com Photo by Natasha Lamalle (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Belmond Country Club in Virginia USA
danieka@picturist.photography Photo by Picturist Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) in Santa Cruz, California United States
nicbrodzikimages@gmail.com Photo by Images by Nic (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Northern Stacks in Fridley, Minnesota United States
partyoftwophoto@gmail.com Photo by Party of Two (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Twickenham House in Jefferson, NC USA
zack@zackbradleyphotography.com Photo by Zack Bradley (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Forever View Farm in Powhatan, VA United States
hello@dannileaphoto.com Photo by Danni Lea Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Dove Ridge Vineyard in Weatherford, TX United States
rose@matlaiphotography.com Photo by Matlai Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Estes Park in Colorado USA
shuhrat@myfastmail.com Photo by Shukhrat Kamalov (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Delamar – Greenwich in Greenwich, CT USA

Portraits that Showcase the Wedding Dress or Bouquet

Highlighting the wedding dress or the bouquet in portraits emphasizes the beauty, elegance, and significance of these elements within the context of the wedding day.

hello@vowofthewild.com Photo by Vow of the Wild (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Mt. Baker in Washington USA

info@tovelundquist.se Photo by Tove Lundquist (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Örum 119 in Löderup Sweden

Portraits that Conceal with Flares and Reflections

By utilizing flares or reflections strategically, photographers can create images that partially conceal the couple’s faces, adding an artistic and dreamlike quality to the portraits.

michelle@michellearlotta.com Photo by Michelle Arlotta (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at The Mansion at Mountain Lakes in New Jersey United States
jorgesantiagophoto@gmail.com Photo by Jorge Santiago (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, PA USA

Storytelling Portraits without Faces

Storytelling portraits without faces often capture meaningful gestures, interactions, or scenes that invite viewers to fill in the emotional nuances and imagine their own narrative.

frankbalzan@gmail.com Photo by Frank Balzan (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Valletta in Valletta Malta

hello@halliesigwing.com Photo by Hallie Sigwing (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Brooklyn, New York

info@onelovetexas.com Photo by One Love Texas (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Hop and Sting Brewery in Grapevine, Texas United States of America

Silhouette Portraits

Silhouette portraits against beautiful backdrops, such as sunsets or vibrant skies, create visually striking and romantic images that evoke emotions and highlight the couple’s unity.

info@1visionphotography.com Photo by Matthias Richter (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Canada Lake Lodge Cardiff South Wales in Cardiff South Wales
me@dinojeram.com Photo by Dino Jeram (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at North Mymms Park in Hatfield UK

Portraits with the Wedding Couple Wearing Masks

Of course, another way to create portraits without faces is to use masks, which can be an interesting and fun way to capture the theme of the wedding, an inside joke, or the personalities of the group.

daniel@danielnydick.com Photo by Daniel Nydick (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Ramsey Golf Club


Wedding photography is an art form that continuously evolves, allowing photographers to experiment with unconventional techniques and compositions. Excluding faces from wedding portraits opens up a realm of creative possibilities, where photographers can emphasize other elements, evoke emotions, and tell unique stories. The 40 examples of wedding portraits without faces showcased in this article demonstrate the diversity and creativity within this genre, adding depth and intrigue to the visual representation of love and celebration.

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