Have you decided to go the non-traditional route and and are struggling with how to write your own wedding vows? Writing your own vows can seem a bit intimidating because you want to make sure that they truly represent you as a couple. Rather than letting this be intimidating, let it encourage you, because this […]

Given the scope of the event, planning your wedding can feel a little intimidating to say the least. Preparing for your wedding reception is one of the most tedious parts of wedding planning. Of course your family and friends will love watching the ceremony and witnessing two become one. But let’s face it, who doesn’t […]

Your first kiss at your wedding may seem simple enough, perhaps undeserving of too much attention. However, this special moment marks a key point during your ceremony and immediately follows the declaration of your newly wedded status. That said, and considering it’s also one of the most highly anticipated parts of the ceremony, it definitely […]

In the predominantly Sunni Muslim country of Egypt, Arab wedding traditions are steeped in Egyptian culture. They possess a flair that befits such a fascinating country with so much history. Glossary – Quick Reference Katb el Katb: Egyptian wedding ceremony Kosha: Wedding reception (Coptic Christian wedding) Maa’zoun: Wedding officiant Mahr: Money gifted as a dowry […]

For those who’ve had the good fortune to participate in a Jewish or Jew-ish wedding ceremony, their fondest memory is probably of the hora. The hora—otherwise known as the horah or Jewish or Israeli dancing—is an exuberant circle dance that’s a centerpiece of Jewish bar-mitzvahs and weddings. Originally a slow dance often practiced in Romania, […]

Muslim weddings share a number of similarities to other cultures in terms of traditions (such as a first look, first dances, toasts, and more), but there are also unique traditions that set Muslim weddings apart. Muslim Wedding Venues In terms of venues, Muslim weddings can be held at hotels, mosques or most other popular wedding […]