dark moody wedding photography

Dark and Moody Wedding Photography

Dark and Moody wedding photography is a popular aesthetic that embraces darker photos with more warm and muted tones.  Other

should you tip wedding photographer

Do You Tip Your Wedding Photographer?

Do You Tip Your Photographer? If so, how much? These are frequently asked questions by wedding couples who want to make sure they

lin jirsa vibrant wedding photography hawaii

Wedding Photography Styles (From a photographer’s perspective)

Wedding photography styles are as varied as the couples who hire photographers to capture their big day. But all Wedding photograp

photographing the bride exercise files slr lounge

Best Bridal Makeup Photos | Examples, Tips and Inspo

Below we would like to celebrate some of the best bridal makeup photos from our collection of best wedding photographers. Include

Wedding Lawn Games

Wedding lawn games are a popular addition to a wedding cocktail hour or reception. These outdoor yard games can provide entertain

First dance

50 Romantic First Dance Songs for Weddings

Weddings feature a number of memorable moments, and the first dance stands out as one of the most intimate among them. With this i


Indie and Acoustic First Dance Songs

The first dance is one of the most memorable aspects of an entire wedding for the couple, the family and the guests. The song ch


African Wedding Traditions and Customs

Africa, the second largest continent in the world, is home to five diverse regions that bring different rituals, traditions, and


Japanese Wedding Traditions and Customs

For the Japanese, a wedding serves as more than just the union of two individuals. Japanese weddings also represent a union of tw


How to Find a Wedding Videographer

Of the photos and videos you'll star in throughout your lifetime, your wedding video will surely rank among the most treasured vi

pexels kumar saurabh

Punjabi First Dance Songs

While most couples plan their weddings and receptions around a foundation of culturally unique traditions, some traditions cross c


Armenian Wedding Traditions and Customs

Like most wedding traditions around the world, Armenian wedding traditions represent a cornucopia of bliss and sweetness. Armenia


Nikah Ceremony | The Complete Guide

One's religion usually guides their life in a number of ways. Such is the case with Islam, a religion with millions of followers


Greek Wedding Traditions and Customs

Weddings are a delightful representation of cultural, regional, and religious conventions around the world. The beauty of Greek w


Romantic Wedding Vows | Examples and Tips

Are you looking for a great list of romantic wedding vows to help inspire you and prepare you for your big day? This article may


How To Write Wedding Vows | Tips and Examples

Have you decided to go the non-traditional route and and are struggling with how to write your own wedding vows? Writing your own


Wedding Reception Checklist

Given the scope of the event, planning your wedding can feel a little intimidating to say the least. Preparing for your wedding re

wedding first kiss ritz carlton laguna

Wedding First Kiss Tips And Ideas

Your first kiss at your wedding may seem simple enough, perhaps undeserving of too much attention. However, this special moment m


Egyptian Wedding Traditions

In the predominantly Sunni Muslim country of Egypt, Arab wedding traditions are steeped in Egyptian culture. They possess a flair


What is a Chuppah in Jewish Weddings?

The chuppah is a traditional wedding canopy that serves as a central component of Jewish wedding ceremonies. The word chuppah lit


Muslim Wedding Traditions

Muslim weddings share a number of similarities to other cultures in terms of traditions (such as a first look, first dances, toas


Wedding Ring Exchange Scripts And FAQ’s

The wedding ring exchange is one of the most important parts of the ceremony. You may find yourself having questions about how it


The Ultimate Guide To Wedding Venue Tours

One of the most important and fun things you will do when planning your wedding is touring wedding venues. This is not only excit


Unique Groomsmen Gift Ideas

As the Groom, one of the most important things you can do is show your appreciation for your Groomsmen. Just as they're important


Questions To Ask A Wedding Venue

Deciding on a wedding venue represents one of the biggest decisions a newly engaged couple has to make. With so many options avai

JR Alila Marea Beach Resort Encinitas California Sikh Wedding Photography

Sikh Wedding Traditions

Sikh weddings are some of the most joyful and beautiful celebrations. The bride, groom and their families come together to comm


How Many Groomsmen Can You Have? Tips From Photographers

As you and your beau start thinking about the lucky people that get to stand next to you during your wedding ceremony and be in y


How Many Bridesmaids Should I Have? | A Photographer’s Perspective

Engaged person, we understand that selecting your bridesmaids (or bridesmen) to stand next to you as you say your vows to your be


Questions for a wedding photographer

Selecting a wedding photographer to trust can be a daunting task! You’ve searched all over the wedding listing sites, read countl


Best Man Speech Tips and Ideas

So, you are the Best Man at a wedding? The speech can be intimidating. But here are some tips to help you compile a great Best Man

best man speech jokes

Best Man Speech Jokes For Your Inspiration

One of the most memorable moments at any wedding is the best man speech. Not only does the best man help lighten the mood, but


What Is A Ketubah? The Jewish Marriage Contract

During a Jewish wedding ceremony, the groom gifts his wife a Ketubah - more commonly known as the Jewish marriage contract. The br


Chinese Wedding Traditions | Your Guide to Customs and Rituals

Asian weddings in the United States represent a magnificent culmination of historic and contemporary traditions. Each element, fr


Korean Wedding Traditions | Your Guide to Customs and Rituals

Asian weddings in the United States represent a magnificent culmination of historic and contemporary traditions. Each element, fr


Vietnamese Wedding Traditions | Your Guide to Customs and Rituals

Asian weddings in the United States represent a magnificent culmination of historic and contemporary traditions. Each element, fr


Jewish Wedding Traditions | Your Guide to Customs and Rituals

Jewish wedding days are comprised of a collection of special and unique moments that are sure to make great photographic memories


Persian Wedding Traditions | Your Guide to Customs and Rituals

Massoume Price, author of Ancient Iran, wrote of Persian weddings, “For Iranians, marriage is an event, which must be celebrated


How To Choose A Wedding Venue | The Ultimate Guide

Next to finding the perfect partner, choosing the perfect venue may be your most important wedding planning decision. After all, y


Catholic Wedding Vows | Ideas and Examples

The exchange of vows plays an integral part of a Catholic wedding. Vows represent the vital elements of the sacrament of marriage

Hindu Wedding Traditions

Hindu weddings are unlike any other weddings you will ever experience. They are filled to the brim with vibrant, cultural events,


Elegant Jewish Wedding At The Chileno Bay Resort In San Jose Del Cabo By Erich Mcvey

Enjoy this incredible and extravagant Jewish Wedding in the Chileno Bay Resort in San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico. Photographer Erich M


Tips For The First Dance Wedding

Let's face it, weddings are a big deal! So many things go into planning your perfect day. One of the most memorable moments at yo


Country first dance songs (Updated)

Country music and love go hand in hand. The genre is responsible for many of the classic love songs that we know and love today,

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